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United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 24 June, 2019: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosts a variety of international entertainment events, during Jeddah Season, targeting children and adolescents within an educational interactive framework, taking place in 3 huge shopping malls.

The activities vary between ones that depend mainly on the intellectual skills of participants like “LEGO”, while others present challenging adventures like “Discovery Adventure”. Also, the activities of “Pictionary” event will test the abilities of drawing and guessing all at once. As for girls, a journey full of new experiences with “Barbie” is waiting for them.

Spacetoon, the specialized company in the field of children edutainment that holds the licensing rights of the previously mentioned brands pointed out that the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) has selected world-class edutainment events that suit the audience of KSA and  add to Jeddah a new attracting factor, which could turn it into a main entertainment destination, this summer. 

The first of these edutainment events kicked-off in KSA on June 19, as the activities begun with “LEGO” at Mall of Arabia and continue until June 25. Participants could enjoy making high buildings or assembling creative shapes using LEGO blocks.

“LEGO” corner is divided into four different sections, the first for children under 5 with a space for fun and playing, in addition to a section for girls, another for boys, and finally, a section for adults.

Adventure lovers would enjoy “Discovery Adventure” event, which takes place at Mall of Arabia on June 27 until July 3. This event is considered to be the perfect opportunity for the fans of quests and discovery, as they will go through exciting activities which will take them on a camping adventure in the woods, in addition to VR technology that is expected to provide a real jungle experience. 

In Red Sea Mall, “Barbie’s” event is bringing girls from the 1st till the 7th of July, a group of activities encouraging them to achieve their dreams and reinforce their abilities in many fields and careers. Girls will go on a VR journey to space, make chemical experiments in a lab equipped with all the tools and material they need, in addition to a small kitchen where girls will find lots of different ingredients to frost cakes and desserts.

Moreover, girls will get the chance to be models showing off their beautiful outfits on the catwalk. Additionally, a special corner, for drawing and painting and releasing artistic talents, is available. In addition to a place where girls could enjoy playing with Barbie dolls.

“Pictionary”, one of Mattel’s games, gathers family members in a vast space where they can compete in drawing and guessing. Each member will have to read a description from a card, then try to draw it on the screen, when the drawing is complete, other members shall guess what it is.

“Pictionary” event continues in Al Yasmeen Mall for 7 days, from 12-18 July. The event targets children over 8 in addition to adolescents and presents a huge entertainment event that combines learning with joy.