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Dubai, UAE, 30 May 2022: Spacetoon Event collaborated with the Saudi General Entertainment Authority to bring Little Village to Jeddah for the first time during Jeddah Season, which started on May 17.

For 45 days, Kids and parents will be able to visit Little Village while at the Jeddah Pier, which is spread out over 875 sqm.

This brand-new experience, inspired by 3 of the most loved preschoolers’ brands globally, Peppa Pig, L.O.L surprise! and Blippi, is created by the Spacetoon Event team.

Kids can spend valuable time and have fun as they learn with Peppa Pig in an area that is designed to look exactly like Peppa’s environment, and to be a place where the parents can leave their kids in a safe and fun day-care. The area also includes various edutainment activities which are created to fit the needs of the Pre-Schoolers.

Little girls also visit L.O.L Surprise! Corner, to take care of their beauty and have fun while doing this, have a photo opportunity, nail polishing, and more on LOL Salon. The girls learn more about cooking, planting, drawing, and coloring, and do many arts and crafts, and of course, there is a stage for singing, playing, and dancing, in addition to that, girls have the opportunity to play basketball and football, this is all plus technology games.


And before they leave, the little ones enter the Blippi corner, where each place is designed to be a part of Blippi’s life, to live the experience in detail.

At Blippi Lab, kids are introduced to all the important concepts of chemistry in an easy-to-understand way. While at Recycling & Green Energy, the kids learn to sort different things like plastic, paper, tin can, and cardboard and put them into their respective containers. Another activity made for the little ones to have fun and learn is the Blippi Slide, where they are able to learn how to climb like a pro in a very safe way.

When finished their visit to all corners, kids have a meet & greet with Peppa Pig, and take photos with her to keep as souvenirs from the event. They also have the chance to purchase some toys for Peppa Pig, Blippi, CoComelon, and L.O.L Surprise! From the retail area, right at the exit of the event.