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Dubai, UAE, May 24, 2022:  Spacetoon Event and Mattel teamed up to bring Hot Wheels: The Epic Challenge to Jeddah for the very first time during Jeddah Season. The show started on May 17th and is set to last until June 30th.

The stunt show is a family-friendly event, including an exciting narrative from Hot Wheels City, stunt drivers, BMX biking, and the iconic Hot Wheels loop.

The Spacetoon Event team has worked closely with Mattel on creating a dynamic scenario for the show.  Executing an entertainment experience for both kids and parents of Jeddah to enjoy together. Terry Grant, multiple world-record holders, including executing the highest loop-the-loop in a car, the fastest two-wheel mile, the furthest barrel roll jump, and others, is announced to be the director of Hot Wheels: The Epic Challenge in Jeddah.

While Hot Wheels City is preparing for an important race, the mad-scientist Draven is hiding behind the scenes, ready to make the race a challenge in a bid to take over the city.

During the show, various special cars, bikes, and buggies can be seen performing stunts, and race challenges, to see if Hot Wheels drivers Chase & Eliot can win, over Draven’s toxic creatures. A classic tale of Good vs. Evil told in a very modern way.

Commenting on this achievement, Ahmad Weiss, the General Manager of Spacetoon Event, said: “it’s a very proud moment for us to be collaborating with Mattel to bring this one-of-a-kind experience to parents and kids of Jeddah.” Adding: “families in Jeddah are longing for exceptional entertainment, and this is what we are bringing to them with H0t Wheels: The Epic Challenge.”

“We hope that parents and kids will be amazed by Hot Wheels: The Epic Challenge,” said Julie Freeland, Senior Director of Location Based Entertainment at Mattel. “We are thrilled to offer this truly unique, exhilarating experience with Spacetoon Event that will ignite the challenger spirit in Hot Wheels fans young and old!”

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The events of the show are set in Hot Wheels City, a fictional location that has been built from scratch by the Spacetoon Event team inside the show arena, located at the beach rd., 7966, City walk, Jeddah 23612, KSA.