Mall of Dhahran in Al Khobar city in KSA witnesses an unprecedented visit from the popular doll “Barbie”, during Eid Season, as the doll makes her appearance through an entertaining event that takes place over five consecutive days, from 4-8 June. The event includes several activities inspired by Barbie’s enchanting world, and satisfies all the different tastes of little girls.

This event in KSA is one of a series of “Barbie” events held around the world to celebrate the 60th anniversary of "Barbie’s” first debut in the market. The event is also a part of Barbie’s “You Can Be Anything” campaign that was initiated in 2018 to highlight the limitless potential in every girl.

Barbie’s Event marks the first cooperation between “Mattel”, a toy manufacturing company, and Spacetoon Event, which is specialized in the field of family and children’s entertainment events planning, and owns the license of activating “Barbie” brand in MENA. Spacetoon Event aims to strengthen Barbie’s presence through professionally supporting the brand and presenting what suits the standards of the Arab audience.

Girls in KSA are about to witness several events embodying “Barbie’s” vision of encouraging girls to achieve their dreams and reinforce their capabilities in many fields and careers. Girls will take a journey to space in a special corner equipped with VR technology, in addition to a science laboratory and tools to conduct chemical experiments. Moreover, a small kitchen is available and girls could find a variety of options to frost cakes and cookies.

Additionally, girls will get a chance to make lovely handcrafts using simple material. They will also take special pictures in Barbie’s world and show off their talents in drawing and painting, in addition to playing with all the varied “Barbie” dolls.

Mattel, the producing company of “Barbie” doll, has produced six different dolls embodying an astronaut, a pilot, an athlete, a journalist, a politician and a firefighter, these fields were chosen by Mattel because they were never sufficiently represented by women.

Furthermore, “Barbie” produced the first “Barbie” doll wearing hijab in 2017 in honor of the American fencer, Ibtihaj Muhammad, who is considered to be the first Muslim American woman to wear a hijab while going through fencing competitions at the 2016 Olympics. Producing this doll is a part of a Mattel project called “Shero Barbie” that was initiated in 2015, this project was mainly concerned in producing Barbie dolls of women who made exceptional achievements around the world.