Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 1 APR 2019: Spacetoon Event, the specialized company in the field of children’s entertainment industry in MENA, organized “Spacetoon Village” the biggest event in Hafar Al Batin, KSA. The event took place from 21-30 March at North Park, in cooperation with the General Authority for Entertainment and Hwadi Company Limited. The event was marked as a participation in Sharqiah Season Festival. 
Spacetoon Village witnessed a remarkable success, as the overall number of visitors during the 10-day event exceeded 52 thousand people. Moreover, the daily number of visitors was also many times greater than expected!
Four of Spacetoon’s best planets based in the event venue, which extended over 11 thousand M2. The participating planets were Sport, Zumorroda, Action and BonBona. Each planet’s corner included fun and entertaining games and challenges, and strived to reinforce cooperation spirit in addition to the urge for challenge through presenting more than 6000 rewarding prizes. 
Spacetoon Village theater hosted plays by the most popular cartoon characters. Children remained seated after the play was over, in order to watch the interactive theater too, which is filled with enthusiasm and presents many gifts. Moreover, the event ran movies of the best cartoon characters that children are highly attached to! 
Spacetoon Village was full of joyful surprises that brought lots of excitement to the event such as the performance of the sweet Baby Sharks as they sang to the fans their favorite songs and the help request from Detective Conan in order to find the criminal. 
As always, Spacetoon Event continuously aims to conduct projects in the most perfect way, so the team drew smiles on children’s faces by giving them a face painting of their favorite characters. 
The event aimed to reinforce the children’s enthusiasm and love towards their favorite characters by meeting them and playing together, and to involve all family members by presenting a wide range of activities that suit all age groups. 
The importance of Spacetoon Event’s impact on families and children could be clearly seen through the positive and huge engagement on the event’s different social media accounts. Not to mention the praises of the General Authority for Entertainment. Thus, the event succeeded in spreading Spacetoon’s unique spirit in Hafar Al Batin.